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Posts for tag: High Heel Pain who often bypass comfort for the sake of style are finding that this decision may be detrimental to their foot health, according to WRIC Newsroom. The current trend of sporting high, narrow-fitting, or strappy shoes leaves women with very poor or even nonexistent foot-support. The desire for fashionable shoes has even spread to teenagers; even they are suffering from foot pains.

After her sophomore year of high school Jordan Kennmore underwent surgery for the removal of a bunion. “It hurt even putting on sandals, it hurt. I’d go barefoot around a lot,” she states, now 20-years-old. “I don’t wear those a lot anymore. Special occasions, maybe, cause I don’t want to try and fit my foot into a tight and narrow space and have something go wrong.”

Many women regularly wear high heels despite their lacking foot-support. If you are experiencing discomfort while wearing high heels, consult with podiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Conforti of New Jersey. Dr. Conforti can treat your foot and ankle problems.

Effects of High Heels on the Feet

High heels are popular shoes among women because they are associated with femininity.  Despite their appeal, they can cause many health problems if worn too frequently.

What parts my body will be affected by high heels?

·         Ankle Joints
·         Achilles Tendon – may shorten and stiffen with prolonged wear
·         Balls of the Feet
·         Knees – heels cause the knees to bend constantly, creating stress on them
·         Back – they decrease the spine’s ability to absorb shock, which may lead to back pain.  Also, the vertebrae of the lower back may compress.

What kinds of foot problems can develop from wearing high heels?

·         Corns
·         Calluses
·         Hammertoe
·         Bunions
·         Morton’s Neuroma
·         Plantar Fasciitis

For more information about maintaining foot health while still wearing high heels, follow the link below.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices located in Paramus and Clifton, NJ. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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